Teams of 2-8

Project x with border
A billionaire philanthropist has offered a large bounty to anyone who can recover his meteorite from the mysterious 'Project X' facility.  You and your friends have accepted this challenge and hope to become rich in the process.  Others have tried and have never been heard from again.  Danger is everywhere.  Tonight is the night!

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Hidden treasure is the name of the game. You start in the dark of the night in Captain Maxwell's cabin and as morning approaches you are trying to find his most prized possessions before strange things start to happen. Your team has exactly 60 minutes to ESCAPE before the Captain returns and haunts you forever!

All rooms are open to the public until all spots are filled.

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Teams of 2-8


A local reporter by the name of Lana Bedlam has gone into Ravens Crest Asylum to write an expose on four patients that have supposedly gone missing under the care of Dr. Cotton. Unfortunately we lost contact with Lana. It is up to you and your team to explore the Asylum and figure out what happened to Lana and the missing patients she went there to find. You only have one hour to unwrap this mystery before the doctor returns. If he finds out you are in the facility he will have you all committed for breaking into a mental health facility. Work together quickly or risk end up missing like Lana. Do you have what it takes?

All rooms are open to the public until all spots are filled.

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Teams of 2-8


'Exit Protocol'  is a Mobile Escape Room experience that we bring to you.   

A top level CIA field office has been compromised. The operative has been told to initiate Exit Protocol. All attempts to reach him have failed. It's imperative that the classified information at the location be retrieved and the office neutralized.

Your task will be to secure the classified agent information and execute the evacuation procedure.

'Exit Protocol' is a mobile game that we bring to your event.  Please email or call us to book for your event

30 Minute Mobile Game. Teams of up to 6 people play at once.

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