Mobile Escape Entertainment

Green Bay Escape & Axe offers several different solutions to bring engaging, puzzling FUN to your events.  Do you want to add some 'Wow' to your event, our Mobile Entertainment may just suit your needs.  Depending on the size of your group and how many people you want to accommodate at one time, will determine which games that we bring.  We can travel anywhere in the Midwest to accommodate your group.  Recent events include:

  • Conference of hospital marketing reps.  We did table games for about 100 people over a 3 hour period.
  • Concordia University Convention in the Twin Cities - 2 Mobile Escape Room Tents that brought fun to over 1,500 people over a 3 day period.
  • Lifest 2018 and 2019 - this event has been almost sold out both years
  • Titletown Amazing Race - we set up an outdoor scavenger hunt and puzzle programming for the Green Bay Packers Titletown district.
  •  Incentivize people to come your business!.....a little fun goes along way!

Mobile Escape Tents 

  • We offer a 12' x 12' tent based games. 
  • This is perfect for outside venues, but can be brought indoors too. 
  • It does require 13' height clearance.
  • These tent games are typically 12 to 30 minute experiences and can handle up to 8 people per tent at one time.

Large Group Entertainment

  • We also offer different table & large room options. 
  • This allows more throughput per session and the session length can be easily changed. 
  • This will include interactive props, theming and great background music. 
  • We can handle groups of many different sizes and for different time lengths.  We would not suggest going over 60 minutes of play time.  For example, if a company wanted to do 4 different groups of say 50 people over a 3 hour period, each group would have a 45 minute puzzle challenge. 
  • We can make different scenarios work depending on your needs.

Lots to discuss to set up your event properly.  Please email us at or call us 920.634.2877

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